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A movie review/rant/praise forum starring...

poodleface as the lonely, disgruntled projectionist

ilikemovies is now an open community in which anyone can post reviews if they follow these few simple rules:

1) Use the F/M rating system (see below)
2) No gratuitous plot summary. It is not a review if you sum up the plot minus a couple of huge spoilers. That is a book report from 10th grade. Post a link to the IMDb page or official film site if you want to direct someone to a plot summary.
3) If you feel you must spoil a major plot point then please do so behind a lj-cut and please had a good reason for doing so.
4) Do not review something that has already been reviewed unless you have something new to say about it! If you think you can write a better review for a film than one that has already been posted go for it. This is like Thunderdome... two reviews enter, one review leaves, though if two reviews are both entertaining enough I'll leave them both up.

The reviews will be moderated! Once you have posted a few really good reviews I will add you to the moderator list so you can approve your own reviews (as well as those of others).

I Like Movies Rating System:

F: how it works as a film (ex, American Beauty might get a 10 while Gone in 60 Seconds would probably get a 1)

M: how it works as a movie (ex, The Rock might get a 10 while Angela's Ashes would probably get a 1)

A ZERO for either score means the movie/film fails on that level completely. A movie that is "so good it is bad" would have a high movie rating but a zero for film. A film that is completely unaccessable to most human beings yet is one of the Most Important Films Ever would have a high film rating and a zero for movie. A DOUBLE ZERO means that the movie/film should be burned from society's memory, which should not be hard since there was nothing to enjoy on any level!

Movies are usually what is considered "satisfying above the surface".
Films are usually what is considered "satisfying below the surface".


Spoilers are not done here. This is why most of the reviews are very short. If you need a plot summary we have started linking the reviews to the plot summaries on the IMDB, which are cheap and quick and to the point.