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Daredevil - F:3 M:3

Daredevil is a step backward from the relative successes of Spider-Man and X-Men, a mess with just enough good moments to drive you ever the more mad when the next forced plot point occurs.

Too much is crammed in and cliches are used to the extreme (obnoxious ex-girlfriend leaves a terrible expository break-up message, a love scene is ended with a pan over to a roaring fireplace). Instead of a proper score we are treated to music from the artists of today. The songs are as awful and ill-placed as you might imagine.

This all but destroyed any sense of mood. Watch Ben Affleck et al try in vain to act in the middle of such buffoonery... they succeed but the movie seems determined to make them fail.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the hard-boiled moments. I liked Daredevil taking pills and sleeping in a strange soundproofed chamber. His Radar Sense is handled in a striking fashion.

And yet... I didn't like it. I can sum up the parts and say bits of it were more than worthy, but if I'm groaning in the theatre and not enjoying myself then I don't feel the need to justify a movie's shortcomings.

I'm a little out of practice in writing reviews, so bear with me
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