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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - F:1 M:9

This movie is not made for anyone who is not a fan of Harry Potter. If you haven't seen The Sorcerer's Stone then you might pick up some things by inference, but it is pretty much jumping into the deep end to learn how to swim since there is no recap whatsoever. Think watching The Empire Strikes Back without knowing anything about Star Wars. What, you saw Empire first and got it immediately? Congratulations, you are a geek.

Anyway, if you know the book or the characters then you'll be pleased to know it is better than the first movie. It is decidedly darker and has many more CHARACTERS to enjoy, particularly Jason Issacs' Lucius Malfoy (with his Viggo "Ghostbusters II" hairdo) and Kenneth Branaugh's Gilderoy Lockhart. If you don't then you might very well enjoy it anyway but you will probably be as lost as a mud-blood.

It is all a bit of a trifle anyway. It really does mean nothing, but you will be plenty entertained for three hours, making this a ILM Value For Your Entertainment Dollar selection.
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