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Femme Fatale f:6 m:10

I saw Femme Fatale tonight, and I am really not sure what I was expecting. It has no stars (that I care about) and has a well known director, but not that great a director (to me at least). I really like Brain De Palma's directing style here, and honestly, the best part about the film, believe it or not, was Rebecca Romijn Stamos. She acted very well, but more than that, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I don't know if it was just this role that brought it out of her, but she was just so hot. But yeah, she looks amazing.

Anyway, back on to the film, the cinematography amazed me too. I am a sucker for reflections, and long shots, and we get a lot of them. Mostly at the beginning of the film, but there are still some throughout the rest. This is basically, a very well made movie. Very fun, and some unexpected events, and twists occur. So I recommend it highly if you want to watch a good movie. If you want a film, go see Punch-Drunk Love.

As a film: It has some neat cinematography, and the style is really awesome, but the style leaks over to the movie score, so a 6 fits about right.
As a movie: Extremely awesome, and well made. Stamos is gorgeous which is a major part of the movie. It looks great, it moves quickly, and lots of things happen. It has twists, it has action, and it has nudity, everything that makes a "movie" fun. A definite 10.
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