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Punch-Drunk Love F:10 M:3

This is one awesome movie. But just a little note, I am very biased on this film because P.T. Anderson is my favorite director of all time. I have seen every one of his previous films, and now, with Punch-Drunk Love, I am convinced that Mr. Anderson cannot make a bad film. He has yet to even make a film that isn't great.

--Plot Summary--

The film is just awesome. Everything about the film just kicks ass: the directing (of course), the acting (yeah, Sandler can act), the cinematography, the script, and yeah, well, that is about everything.

This film though, isn't for everyone. It was one of the most "artsy" films I have seen. Being "artsy" isn't a good thing or a bad thing, it is just something to note.

I will definitely be seeing it again in theatres before it leaves.

As a film: 10: Brilliant. Definately go see it.
As a movie: 3: If you like Sandler in comedies, you will not like this film. It is not a comedy.
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