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The Ring - F:3 M:6

This movie is pretty successful at accomplishing what it is trying to do, which is creep you out in a way that is more satisfying than the typical "ha ha ha" horror film. Such movies produce more scares of laughter than the slow subtle tension that The Ring specializes in, even as some of them attempt what The Ring succeeds in doing.

Anytime that nature responds violently to an unseen force, it makes said unseen force seem that much more powerful. The Ring does this with one animal in particular (and one scene specifically). Unfortunately the rest is burdened by the tendency to overexplain the forces driving the videotape. Pretty much every aspect of the five W's is gone over by the end, as befitting the reporter character played by Naomi Watts (who does a fine job, though nothing too terribly remarkable).

There are genuine moments of creepy tension. There is a reversal at one point that will make much of the audience go "ah ha!" and feel smug having been tricked. It feels like a Hollywood version of a cult film, which is exactly what it is.

Yeah I liked it... it looks beautiful (the cinematography is its strongest suit) and has a decent score (nice to see Hans Zimmer not phoning it in all of the time). Will I see it again? Nah.
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