poodleface (poodleface) wrote in ilikemovies,

The Rules Of Attraction - F:4 M:2

Know this:

The film is ambitious and annoying. The pace is rather slow. (The quick-cut trailers lie!)

You will probably wonder more than once why you are supposed to care about these characters. Then you'll realize that is the whole point. Then you will yawn.

Everyone in the movie is scummy. Chortle as you see goodie little two shoes actors and actresses slum it for the decadence. Then you yawn again.

You will realize that the film is skillfully made. It does manage to create its own world, albeit one that is painted with few strokes of reality or humanity. Without the latter, I could not be intrigued, as much as I tried to be. Yawn.

I really only learned one thing from the film, and that was
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