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Plot Summary

Red Dragon, from the ads that I have seen, looks like the biggest piece of crap ever, but had one of the greatest casts from any movie. It stars Sir Anthony Hopkins, Ed. Norton, Emily Watson, Harvey Keitel, Ralph Fiennes, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Mary-Louise Parker. I mean, this film has three of my all time favorite actors (Norton, Hoffman, and Watson.) The more I thought about it, the more I tried to convince myself that it was at least watch able, with a good script. It had to have a good script to attract the stars it did, right?

Yes. The script is good, though not flawless. There is one major flaw that I found, though I am not going so spoil the film. Even with this flaw, the film is just amazing. The cast, with the exception of Norton, is phenomenal. I found Ed Norton to be very dull, but that is how the character is, so he is just playing what he should. Still, it was dull.

Now as for Brett Ratner. I was very skeptical of the film, and this was one of the main reasons. How could the director of the Rush Hour films, and Family Man possibly direct such a high profile drama with this well known a cast. Well, I don't know how he did, but he pulled it off with ease. To add to the greatness of the film, the score, from Danny Elfman is just chilling, and the cinematography from Dante Spinotti (L.A. Confidential, The Insider) was brilliant as well.

I enjoy films more when I am not expecting them to be good, and even more when I am expecting them to be bad. So take this as you will, since you know my philosophy.

Also, a quick note, the audience applauded after the film was over, which doesn't happen too often, at least to the screenings I have attended.

As a movies: 9- I mean, this is one of the best "movies" of the year. I really hope it does well at the box office. It deserves it.

As a film: 8- The score and the cinematography are awesome. The acting, and just plain talent involved is incredible. This movie is for both "film," and "movie" watchers.

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