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Igby Goes Down - F:3 M:2

plot summary

It is unfortunate that the direction, script and editing are all wretched (though the editing was probably a directorial choice).

What perplexes me is the wide range of MIA actors that have come out of nowhere to appear in this movie. And they are all brilliant, not a single false not in the movie is rung from the actors themselves. Instead I can only blame the script, a mess which evokes the worst tendencies of the Trust Fund Family Drama, where our young maligned hero bounces from school to school, eventually finding love in Claire Danes (where is decidedly not deserved, which makes a latter twist in the movie easier to believe, if hard to swallow). Along the way he fucks others and does drugs. The movie is bookended with the suffocation of their mother, played in uber-bitch mode by Susan Sarandon.

At any rate, Jeff Goldblum stood out for me, if only for the final arc to his character, which allowed him to show his indignation at Igby in a rather brutal manner.

All those bastards comparing Igby to Holden Caulfield need to step off the drugs and the nihilistic trip. Dare to disagree!
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