poodleface (poodleface) wrote in ilikemovies,

Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever - F:0 M:0.5

There is little that needs to be said about this movie except that it is in the running for the worst movie of the year.

In the first thirty minutes of the movie we are treated to ten minutes of Lucy Liu shooting guns in slow motion. This is less exciting than it might sound. Someone might think it is a bit of cheesy fun for this reason, but I am speaking literally, people. The rest is full of a plot that centers around the result of a car explosion (once something is used as a ploy device in an Austin Powers movie. it is no longer available for serious filmmaking), a kidnapping involving some Super Secret Assassination Weapon, and a whole lot of grimacing and underacting by our two little agents, Mr. Grizzled Lost His Wife and Ms. Quiet Revenge Seeker.

There is no way I can justify this movie's existence. The half point is given for having a few decent stunts that probably could have been done cheaper using CGI, but instead were done with real cars and real falling bodies.

The title is bad. The movie is worse.
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