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One Hour Photo F:10 M:6

The more I think about One Hour Photo the more I love it. Directly after viewing this film yesterday, my friends and I were talking about how it compared to other films this past year. We decided that the other two greats of the year, Signs and Minority Report were great, but One Hour Photo is better. Mark Romanek, who has directed videos for such bands as Nine Inch Nails and R.E.M., flawlessly directs this film about Sy Parrish, a clerk at a one hour photo inside a Savmart. Sy has been working there for years, and regularly comes in contact times with his costumers, knowing many by name. The Yorkin's, Sy's favorite, come in very often, and Sy thinks he has become sort of like their uncle to the family, as he admits himself. Having no family of his own, Sy longs to become part of the Yorkin family, and soon, begins doing things that may bring him as closer to that dream life.

Robin Williams is comedic superstar, and when a star like that tries to take on a role that is on the other spectrum from what the viewer knows them as, it is hard to take them seriously. That is why Robin Williams's performance is so amazing. He completely transforms into Sy Parrish. He looks the same, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is now Sy Parrish. Personally, I think that Robin Williams's performance is one of the greatest of all time. You are probably thinking this guy is crazy, but I am not. I honestly think so. And I think this way of the film too. It is one of the best.

The rest of the performances were good, especially Connie Nielsen, who I have grown to love after Gladiator. I think she is a great actress, and always picks great scripts. Michael Vartan, while not in the film for that long, was kind of there. He wasn't great, but he wasn't bad either. He was there. The kid did what he needed to, and very effectively.

My favorite aspect of this film was the cinematography. You know it is great cinematography when you are just in awe while watching it. It is hard for a film to do that on a first viewing. Usually I notice things like that in a second viewing, but with this film and other films, such as Black Hawk Down or Magnolia you notice it in the first viewing. Along with the camera work is the editing which is superb. I am also an editing fanatic, and it just stood out. Much like a music video. Just great.

I love this movie, and I have to see it again soon.

So, as a film it gets a perfect score of ten out of ten.

As a movie it gets a six out of ten. It is a thriller that is for everyone. While I think it won't get into the mainstream audience, it should and most definitely will on video, much like Memento, though One Hour Photo is easier to watch.
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