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The Life of David Gale - F:9 M:5

Well, this is definitely one of those films made to win Oscars. It has everything it needs to have: Brilliant acting, a strong script, and a well-known director. Starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, Laura Linney, and directed by Alan Parker (Mississippi Burning, Pink Floyd's The Wall), The Life of David Gale tells the story David Gale (Spacey) who is now on death row, and going to die in four days. Bitsy Bloom (Winslet) is a journalist selected by Gale and his attorney to solve the murder and rape Constance Hollaway (Linney) which Gale was convicted of. The story unfolds as Gale tells Bitsy his story. As Gale was hoping, Bitsy does work at solving the case. The only problem if she does solve it, will it be in time?

Basically, that is the movie, but much, much more. The acting is superb, most notably Laura Linney. She is just one of the most amazing actress�s working today. Spacey was also very good, and that means a lot coming from someone who thinks he is a terrible actor. I think he portrays no emotion in his acting, and the facial expressions he is able to put out, are annoying, but in this film they aren�t. He is great as David Gale. I really felt his innocence. Then there is Kate Winslet, who is always good. Especially good here. And the directing by Alan Parker was just great, though I did have some problems with some of the camera angles during the transitions from flashback to reality, though I am sure that it will be fixed later on, because the transitions were honestly horrible.

Through the movie, I was really, in my heart rooting for Bitsy to solve this. And I was hoping that Gale got out of jail. I really wanted everything to go right. The film just pulls you in and doesn�t let go. Now I am not going to say if she solves the case. I am not going to say if she gets Gale off death row. You will just have to watch the film when it is released. You will not regret paying you nine bucks and two hours.

note: Hello, I am David and I am glad to be here, reviewing movies in ilikemovies along with the awesome poodleface who set up the great community. Thanks for reading, and enjoy.
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