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Thirteen Conversations About One Thing - F:9 M:4

Plot Summary

I normally don't review movies that have been out for a while, but I feel this is an exception, even as it is not an easy film to watch at times.. As the ultimate misery piled on the participants grows, so does the discomfort. All in the pursuit of the meaning of happiness.

I was reminded of Waking Life, which offered more questions than answers, and answers that seemed obvious (but doesn't everything that makes sense seem obvious... until you realize you had never thought of it in that way before).

There are some real human characters in this one, as opposed to the hyper-real personalities that seem to infiltrate the best intentioned movies. For that alone I mildly rejoiced. When all was said and done, I left the theatre thinking about what I had seen, where it remained for some time.

Isn't that what makes a film great? That it would stay with you after it is done and remain in your thoughts and dreams? I think so.
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